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Created in 2017 by owner, freediver and marine conservationist, Etoile Smulders, Found At Sea is an independent jewelry label based in Bali, Indonesia. Aimed at empowering fellow women of the sea, whilst exploring our inherent connection with sharks, the theme of coexistence lies at the heart of the brand. “My life revolves around the ocean, everything I do ultimately bring me back to the sea.” 

Having been born and raised in ground zero of the world shark fin trade, Hong Kong, Etoile witnessed the massacre of the species first hand. “My childhood memories are plagued with images of whale shark fins on display at shark fin stores. The amount of times I’ve seen a dead shark on the bottom of the reef with no fins is truly alarming.” 

Starting off by creating simple hand made shark tooth necklaces from fossilized shark teeth she found, Etoile strived to create something that would always remind her of what she respected most and whom these oceans truly belonged too - sharks. Eventually, her work caught the attention of fellow divers amongst her community in Indonesia and she started making custom pieces for other shark lovers. The pairing of fossilized shark teeth with opals came naturally. As her birthstone, Etoile has always been drawn to the uniqueness of each opal and mesmerized by the natural resemblance of ocean patterns in blue boulder opals. Only fossilized shark teeth are used, meaning everything is 100% cruelty-free. Each piece is handmade and designed with intention. The Takuaka Ring range is designed with the sentiment of connection - to help you stay connected to the ocean, no matter how far or landlocked you may be at that time.10% of all sales goes to grassroots shark conservation organization and projects worldwide.

“The one who has known the sea makes her heart one with the sea”