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It might take me a bit longer to create, and it might be little more expensive to own a unique Found At Sea jewelry piece . I could have taken the easy and cheaper route, one that is certainly more convenient . But unfortunately in todays world, convienence seems to be too often connected with exploitation, and that’s something I’m not okay with.

I’m holding myself accountable to make sure that every step of our production chain is ethical and transparent. Our silver, gold, opals, gemstones are sourced from credible sources that make sure the people and environment are taken care of.

Our pieces are made on the values of respect, quality and giving back. We stand behind the origin of our raw materials and the way our jewelry is made. We are not always perfect, but we are always striving to do better and give back better.

xx Etoile 


100% Cruelty-Free.

All shark teeth used in our pieces are fossilized. THIS MEANS NO SHARK WAS HARMED. Shark conservation is at the heart of our ethos and we do not use fresh shark teeth sourced from fisherman and or fisheries. Most shark teeth are between 6-25 million years old. We source the teeth from reputable fossil hunters throughout some of the world's premier shark tooth fossil deposits. The species and age of shark tooth will be listed under the description of each product.


The majority of opals we use in our pieces are Australian Boulder Opals. We source our opals from a boutique family run opal mines in Australia. Each stone is hand picked by Etoile and chosen for the size, unique color and quality.

Opal doublets are used in some rings. The type and size of each opal will be listed under the description of the product.


All of Found At Sea’s silver is .925 sterling silver. This means that there is a combination of 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5% copper, creating the silver alloy used in your piece. .925 silver is a lot stronger and less malleable than 100% sterling silver, meaning it will last longer with proper care. Please visit our Jewelry Care page to learn how to properly care for your Found At Sea piece so it lasts a lifetime. 


Our gold pieces are 18k gold vermeil. Gold vermeil is a very high quality, thick layer of gold plating over solid sterling .925 silver base. By industry standard, gold vermeil must have a plating thickness of at least 2.5 microns. This means it will last longer than normal gold plated jewellery, but still requires a lot of care in order to last. Visit our Jewelry Care page to learn more about how to best care for your gold Found At Sea pieces. 

Handmade in Bali, Indonesia with love.