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Gold Takuaka Ring Size 6

Gold Takuaka Ring Size 6


Size US 6
Please note: This million-year-old fossil endured a small crack during the setting of this ring. This is why it is slightly cheaper than our other gold Takuaka rings. This crack is only aesthetic. 

Takuaka is the Tongan shark god and protector of the reef. 

 The intention of this ring is to help you stay connected to the ocean, no matter how far or landlocked you may be at that time - A constant reminder of your greatest love. 

Fossilised shark tooth bezel ring in 18k gold plated vermeil with a sterling silver .925 base. Hand made with love in Bali, Indonesia using ethically sourced materials. 

With each purchase, 15 trees are planted in West Papua via our partnership with the Eden Project. We also donate a percentage of the proceeds to directly support shark conservation projects in Indonesia. 

Please head over to our Jewellery Care page to learn how to best take care of these unique Found At Sea one of a kind jewellery pieces.